Due to the areas in south Texas and Louisiana that have been impacted by the weather, please see the updated UPS shipping information for your area.



Changes to Current Completed Orders and Address Issues

We have completed and closed all orders.

No more changes to your order(s) can be made at this time.

Once your order has shipped, please contact the USPS or UPS to have your order forwarded to the correct address.


Shipping information

Please see below for your shipping information:

If your order was made between July 15 - Aug 15, your order will ship on Sept. 20

If you order is made between Aug 15 - Sept 15, your order will ship on Oct. 10


Order Information

All Sales are Final - No returns or exchanges 

Shipping to the United States of America ONLY


UPC Text Information

We are no longer accepting text messages of UPC images to receive a redemption code. 

If you have submitted images before 8/15 at midnight you will still receive a code after validation.